pewag snox pro

The first snow chain that does not need to be installed - just “snoxed”.

How to stay safe on wintery roads

How to drive safely on snow if the vehicle understeers

If the front tires start to lose traction, neither pushing the accelerator nor counter-steering will help. Take your foot off the accelerator and put the clutch in neutral – this way your tires will regain traction. After this, still avoid sudden and jerky steering movements; you will instantly loose traction again. You can turn the steering wheel a hand’s width into the turn and try to return to a straight line – if it is not too late. Never underestimate the difference in conditions: tires on a dry road may have high directional control, but in snow and at a high speed you may easily deviate from the road. So, make sure to take your foot off the accelerator.

How to drive correctly with snow chains

Snow chains have a clear advantage for traction when on snow.

If the snow chains are installed correctly, drive in a forward-looking manner while avoiding spinning tires and sudden braking. When starting, turn off ESP or other similar traction aids. This way you can allow for a controlled tire spin raising the power.


This product is available in variants. FR, IT: pewag snox, other countries: pewag snox pro