pewag snox pro

The first snow chain that does not need to be installed - just “snoxed”.

Correct installation

Please note the following when installing your snow chains:

Install the snow chains in a timely manner – for snowy roads, in icy conditions or when required by law, including all-wheel vehicles. This is to avoid being stuck at a later point of time, hindering other vehicles and endangering yourself.

If snow chains need to be installed, this should be done in a safe place, away from the lane of traffic and with the vehicle in a horizontally upright position if possible. (Do not forget to wear your safety jacket).

Installation in six easy steps
Make sure that the blue lock (quick release) is closed - green car visible in the window (see flag 1).
Pull the red ring near the red box (see flag 2) apart. Put the red box from the top over the tire. The red box must be positioned on the inner side of the tire.
Pull the red ring (in the area of flag 3) down firmly using both hands. Position the red ring as far as possible behind the tire. Take care that the blue clips - on the red ring - are not twisted.

Pull the red ring down until it is positioned between the tire and the street (see flag 3). Take care that the plastic clips do not lay on the tread on top of the tire.

Drive your car forward or reverse it by 1/4 a rotation of the wheel (wheels may not spin). Recommendation: Move the vehicle downhill.
Move the red ring completely to the inner side of the tire. The chain must be arranged correctly (not twisted). Take care that the blue clips - on the red ring - are not twisted.

Useful tips for mounting

pewag gloves

pewag gloves keep you clean and dry while mounting snow chains. These gloves were specially designed by pewag for the conditions that exist during the mounting and demounting of snow chains. Designed according to pewag requirements, these gloves are equipped with extra long cuffs. The unique combination of materials including spandex, fleece, and PVC makes these gloves very comfortable to wear and helps to keep your hands and clothing dry and clean while also providing extra grip.

pewag gloves are available in four sizes, they can be opened and closed with a Velcro strip, and they are washable using cold water.


This product is available in variants. FR, IT: pewag snox, other countries: pewag snox pro