pewag snox pro

The first snow chain that does not need to be installed - just “snoxed”.

Tips for the correct removal of the snow chains

This is how to correctly remove the snow chains:

Due to its unique technology, pewag snox pro automatically releases the chain tension once your vehicle stops. You may then easily remove the snow chains from the tires. In order to remove them even faster, we have equipped the newest generation with a patented quick-release-system.
Stop your car in such a way that the blue lock (quick release) is on top. Press the red latch - a car crossed-out in red is visible.
Grab the chain in the area of the tire tread and pull it firmly to the front (release chain strings if they are jammed in the tread of the tire).
By pulling firmly, the red ring slips from the rear side to the front.
Pull the chain in front of the tire. Take care that the chain is not twisted at the drive-off area. Drive the car forward or reverse it slightly. Recommendation: Close the blue lock (quick release) for the next use.

Useful tips for demounting


This product is available in variants. FR, IT: pewag snox, other countries: pewag snox pro