pewag snox pro

The first snow chain that does not need to be installed - just “snoxed”.

Tips for the correct installation of the snow chains

This is how to correctly remove the snow chains:

Make sure to familiarize yourself early enough with your new chains. Read the installation instructions attentively. Check whether your vehicle has restrictions or recommendations for the use of snow chains. Abide by the enclosed operation instructions, as well as the warning notices!

Should I practice how to install the snow chains?

It is recommended that you install your new snow chains in a dry place, in order to check their adaption to your tires as well as to practice their installation and removal.

When should I purchase the snow chains?

The annual requirement for snow tires in Austria begins on the 1st of November. Fall is the ideal point of time to purchase snow chains. Do not wait too long and make sure to carry the chains along in your car trunk at all times. This way you will not be surprised by wintery driving conditions.


This product is available in variants. FR, IT: pewag snox, other countries: pewag snox pro