pewag snox pro

The first snow chain that does not need to be installed - just “snoxed”.

How does the installation of pewag snox pro work?

How easy is it to install the pewag snox pro?

Installing snow chains with pewag snox pro becomes as easy as covering your vehicle with a hood: Pull the chain over the tire and slowly move your vehicle. Due to the unique technology within the pewag snox box, the pewag snox system locks the ring at a certain speed and the ideal chain tension is produced in a completely automated manner.

When should I install the snow chains?

Make sure to install the snow chains on time
  • for a snowy roadway
  • in icy weather conditions
  • when snow chains are required – this also applies for all-wheel vehicles!

Install the snow chains to make sure you will not get stuck, to avoid being a hindrance to other vehicles and endangering yourself and others.

On which axle do I need to install the snow chains?

The snow chains need to be installed on the drive axle. (operating instructions!) If your vehicle has an all-wheel drive (=4x4), please consider the recommendation of the manufacturer.

Do I have to tighten the chains after their installation?

After a short first route (app. 50-100 m) the chains should be checked for a faultless central position. Tightening, as with traditional snow chains, is no longer necessary with pewag snox (pro).

Do I need to wear a safety jacket when installing the snow chains?

Yes, if you install the snow chains on highways you are required to put on a safety jacket. We furthermore recommend you to wear the safety jacket in general, as this significantly increases your safety.


This product is available in variants. FR, IT: pewag snox, other countries: pewag snox pro